segunda-feira, 19 de outubro de 2009

Transformers 2 and Nascar – Perfect Fit

To promote the Transformers 2 – Revenge of the Fallen DVD / Blu-Ray release, Paramount innovated.

The company decorated the cars of Ryan Newman and Jeff Gordon with the visual cues of Optimus Prime and Megatron, respectively, in the October the 17th race (image below). Difficult to get a better fit…

To amplify the activation, the company partnered with ESPN, that ran a poll on which car was the favourite (check out on the video below).

None of the drivers won the race, but the film launching and the sport and film fans definitely did, a lot!
Source: Carlos Merigo, in Brainstorm9

domingo, 18 de outubro de 2009

Electrolux e Tennis (shoes) – Simply Brilliant!

I am going to have a little out of the blog subject (sport activation) post, but the Electrolux idea was so brilliant that it will certainly inspire us.

The main feature of the new Electrolux washing machine is the tennis shoes washing function. Therefore, the company advertised its product in the paper that goes in the tennis shoes boxes of several brands and models (below).

Little dispersion, creative, with guaranteed buzz, and, of course, low cost. Can you suggest any companies that could use this to activate their sponsorships?

sábado, 10 de outubro de 2009

Gillette, Nascar Young Guns and the Brazilian National Team – Excellence on different fronts

The last post was slightly out of the blog purpose. So, in this one I will talk about two very interesting activations from the same company, Gillette.

With three of the young talents (Carl Edwards, Kasey Kahne e Kyle Busch) Gillette sponsors, the company plays with its website users who can make the drivers write 25 characters messages with impressive moves (below). The videos created can be shared with friends, turning users into promoters of the brand.

Launching its sponsorship of the Brazilian Football National Team, Gillette put the country stars to shave themselves before a players press conference , taking advantage of the structure already set up. Timely and unusual way to promote the partnership, generating buzz and spontaneous media.

quarta-feira, 7 de outubro de 2009

Rio 2016 – Big win, disappointing activations

I waited a while to write this post because I thought it was worth waiting to see what the companies had prepared or were preparing to celebrate the victory of Rio de Janeiro to host the 2016 Olympics.

But I must confess I am (very) disappointed. One hell of an opportunity for the partners of the Brazilian Olympic Committee (BOC), of the candidacy itself, and why not, the 2007 Pan American Games to boost brand image and sales.

However, nothing innovative or impacting has been seen. Olympikus, BOC partner since 1999, made an interesting promotion with opinion leaders, but with little effect, perhaps betting on a viralization that did not happen. Minutes after the announcement, the company sent these people a kit (image below) with products, a video and a certificate, dated the day before the announcement, confirming that the company "knew" that the victory would go to Rio.

The other partners (or not) of the events/institutions mentioned above limited themselves to common advertisements... Too little for such a win and much less when compared to the amazing video (below), created by Fernando Meirelles’ O2, and presented at the International Olympic Committee.

Without a doubt, the most creative manifestation in relation to the Brazilian victory was the “Yes, we créu”, which came near the top of the Twitter Trending Topics, of unknown/popular creation.