quarta-feira, 27 de janeiro de 2010

Stadium Associates and NFL/SuperBowl and Scotts and MLB – Nice suggestion

Sorry for going back for the Sunday post again, but things keep on coming. Stadium Associates has signed a licensing agreement with the NFL and will sell pieces of the field used in the great game that will take place on 7th february, in Miami (right).

For Scotts, to do the same with its MLB deal, is simples. A little doubt, however, hangs in the air, since Sports Business Daily claims Stadium Associates has a similar deal with the baseball league, which would be a bit confusing...

segunda-feira, 25 de janeiro de 2010

Scotts and MLB – Fit and potential - Update

The first packaging has been released with the Cincinnati Reds (below).

domingo, 24 de janeiro de 2010

Scotts and MLB – Fit and potential

Normally, Ativa Esporte talks about best practices in activation. However, this time, we´ll discuss the potential of a recently signed partnership. In the early days of 2010, an agreement between Scotts Lawns and Major League Baseball was announced.

With an unprecedented number of stadiums using natural grass (28 out of 30), the fit and the possibility of success are enormous. Out of the blocks, the company is launching seeds and fertilizers of each of the 28 stadiums.

Let´s wait and hope to, soon, have a post here about the Scotts promotions on baseball and the MLB sponsorship (and not croquet, like the video below).

Any suggestions to the company´s marketers?

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domingo, 17 de janeiro de 2010

Coke and The FIFA World Cup Tour – Taking the most of the tool

Coke is the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour sponsor and uses the tool in several ways. The visibility, of course, is guaranteed. But the brand goes beyond, way beyond.

In Brazil, for example, it’s generated a great buzz. With the upcoming arrival of the trophy, Coke put a giant safe in one of the busiest São Paulo squares (below). The passersby who answer correctly to 10 World Cup related questions get to see what’s inside it.

Apart from that, the company is using the visit to boost Sales and strengthen its relationship with partners from several sales channels. To get tickets to see firsthand the coveted trophy, people need to buy Coke products in McDonald’s, Wal*Mart and Cinemark stores.
Take a look at a video of the African trophy tour.

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quinta-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2010

E.on, FA Cup and David James – Social Responsibility and Sport

E.on is an energy company that sponsors the FA Cup and found a very clever way to leverage this association.
The company created a campaign that explores a word play with “save”, using Portsmouth and England international goalkeeper David James (image above) to embrace a class of players often forgotten by the main sponsors: the goalkeepers (with a few exceptions, such asOliver Kahn and Peter Czech).

The campaign encourages people to share their energy savings practices, rewarding the best with a trip to the FA Cup final as a mascot, with pitch access (a priceless prize). It is supported by an excellent website that plays the whole time with “save”, honouring the great keepers that took part in the British competition, with videos such as the Jim Montgomery’s below.

With this strategy, E.on not only activates its FA Cup partnership, but appropriates a category of players almost forgotten by most companies.