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Subway Baseball – The Strange History of the Prizewinning Homer

I know that the purpose of this blog, as explained earlier and followed since, is to disseminate the best practices in sports activation. However, this time, I’m going to talk about one that had the potential of being great, generating free media and positive visibility and stimulating other actions, but ended up doing the opposite.

Subway, the American fast-food chain, has got, on the Minnesota Twins stadium, a target that awards a fan with 25 thousand dollars when hit by a ball in home-run hits.

During the game between the Seattle Mariners and the Twins, Ken Griffey Jr., one of the greatest baseball players in history, a Mariners’ athlete, hit a home-run in the Subway target. However, Subway informed that the promotion is only valid for home team players and, therefore, was not going to pay the money.

I don’t know (and I’ve searched for information about it) how, where, etc. the rules of the promotion were disclosed, but regardless, the role thing was not well handled. What was supposed to have great impact ended up generating an awful return.

Please, if any of you has more information about how this history ended, share with us. The blog is opened, of course, for members of the company to clarify the facts, in case they do not reflect the truth.

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