domingo, 28 de junho de 2009

Viagogo Wimbledon – Boosting Sales and Relationship

Viagogo, Europe’s leading secondary ticketing company, launched a promotion / challenge that will surely boost its Wimbledon sales and strengthen its relationship with the British people.

All those who bought Wimbledon Men’s Final tickets on Viagogo will receive a 100% refund if Andy Murray becomes the first British to win the tournament in more than 70 years. According to estimates, the company expects to pay out around a million pounds in case that happens. This year the company has seen an increase on sales of more than 300%, which is credited in great part to Murray’s good chances.

Apart from the increase in sales and relationship strengthening with the British public, the proposal has had great repercussion. Considering that Viagogo will only have to pay if Andy Murray wins, the idea is just brilliant!

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