quarta-feira, 3 de junho de 2009

Timex and Avon Ironman – Turning Sponsorship into Revenue

Several times, in sponsorship agreements, companies overlook important rights such as brand usage and licensing, which could transform the deals into revenue generators.

This, however, didn’t happen to Timex, that, a long time ago, launched a watch that became an icon in the running and fitness universe, the Timex Ironman (at least in Brazil it went this way). I myself had one, the first model (I unfortunately couldn’t find its pic).

Avon is now following the same path with its Ironman perfume, which, I’m pretty sure, if well advertised to the right public, will achieve great results (the sweat/good smell relationship can be very creatively explored).

Unfortunately, I don’t have any company numbers about these products. If one of you does, please, share with us.

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