segunda-feira, 1 de junho de 2009

TAM Brazilian Soccer National Team – Reinforcing the Relationship

TAM, a Brazilian airline company which sponsors the Brazilian soccer national team, in June, took advantage of some of the communication channels it already has with its consumers (its on board TV and magazine “TAM on the clouds”) to reinforce its close relationship with the national team.

In this issue of the magazine, the cover (image below) displays Robinho, his partner Elano and leads to more than 20 pages of content about the team, its players and inside information

The on board TV showcases some of the players talking about soccer, the national team and trip tips in the countries where they live (in my case, I watched Julio Cesar, Inter Milan’s goalkeeper), a simple and playful way to link with the company’s business.

Considering that Brazil will play two World Cup qualifiers games and the Confederations Cup in June, the date couldn’t fit better. With relevant content and entertainment, the company was able to reinforce its position and relationship with one of the biggest Brazilians passions.

Click on the cover below to access the magazine webpage and its content (also available in English).

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